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22-Jan-2019, 5:33 PM

benduwan said:

DestronTC said:
I don’t like the idea of incorporating the 4x3 handcam footage never shot as part of the film into the movie itself.

why not?
if it makes the scene longer and more interessting…
i´ve done this with my star wars project…
sure,it looks not so good but more is better…

I’d either have to crop it an insane amount or set the 4:3 picture within the 2.35:1 black bars. I’d be willing to do the latter, but I don’t think anything in Giger’s Alien was shot with the main cameras as footage for the film itself. If there is anything, I’d put it in.

I, too am using a lot of 4:3 stuff in the Star Wars edit I’ve been tinkering with, but I judge the two by different standards for whatever reason. I’m also putting some of the goofier shit in my Star Wars edit, like Han biting the medal at the end, and Leia handing Luke a beer in his X-Wing.

Could always change my mind tho shrug

Currently up to editing the egg silo.