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Anakin Starkiller
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21-Jan-2019, 8:42 PM
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Deep Breath is a bore already, and it certainly doesn’t need 76 minutes, so you could easily cannibalize bits of it to sprinkle throughout Series 7 to establish that she’s still living in Victorian London. The Crimson Horror would flow very naturally with that, being the equivalent of modern day stories for other companions. It’d be nice if we could show or at least imply her family living in that time (and remove them from Time of the Doctor, of course). The Bells of Saint John could be moved to right before Name of the Doctor, and Danny Pink could be introduced there. Nightmare in Silver could be edited so that the children she’s babysitting are from Victorian Times, with a line to address their modern wardrobe (and Clara, for that matter). Then by Day of the Doctor she’s all settled in modern times in the hopes of winning the heart of Danny Pink, and Series 8, minus the bits moved to 7, plays out the same as in canon.

On a different note, in Time of the Doctor, instead of the resetting of his regeneration cycle causing the Eleventh Doctor to rejuvenate momentarily before regenerating, have him actually regenerates atop the bell tower, and simply using the holograms from the otherwise pointless “I’m naked” scene to appear as his young self with a prerecorded message from his old self while he’s really the Twelve Doctor momentarily dazed from his regeneration.