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Beauty and the Beast 35mm "Help Needed"
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18-Jan-2019, 5:52 AM

Flubly said:

Makes sense in that more bureaucratic structure, I can see that. It’d be interesting to see the relationship between the painting stage, since that’s a separate position from animation (looking at the credits), and the printing stage. Both of those stages involve decisions regarding tonal values, and it’d be cool to see what the formula that led to the final exposure was. Did the painters make stuff brighter than what they would want so that it would print properly? Maybe contrast ratio was more important than specific lightness so that it could scale to whatever was needed when printing. It’d be interesting to hear interviews with those people.

BATB is entirely digital, no physically painted cells. Which would also make it a lot easier to tweak the appearance for the final film.

Would love to, though I don’t think I’ve ever seen Disney animation classics in any of the theaters around that do those type of screenings. I’ve seen some older Disney live action around, but not animation. I’m definitely keeping my eyes open.

Or find a collector with a print and get him to project it for you. 😉