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Shopping Maul
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Best Explanation Of Mary Sue Issue
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15-Jan-2019, 2:33 AM

I love what you’re saying Rogue (not that I necessarily grasp all of it of course, but I like the vibe of it!) but I would add that attaining the ‘effortlessness’ implied in the Taoist way would (ironically) require effort. Think of it in terms of being a musician. It would take hours of blisters and finger-cramps and listening and learning for a guitarist to be in that zone. No-one’s going to pick up a guitar and nail it first time just because they had their baser thoughts in check. That’s the beautiful thing about the Karate Kid - he had to wash cars and stand like an Ostrich and go through all kinds of stuff to get to that place. Kershner famously said he wanted “something powerful going on in Luke’s soul” and within the (arguably) limited framework of a SW film he achieved that. The SE feels more like bullet points - ‘we need lightsaber fights, we need a Dark Lord, we need a cantina’ etc etc. Any depth to Rey’s experience seems (to me) to being created by the fans themselves rather than by anything JJ and/or Rian are doing.

In terms of the Force having agency and not only choosing it’s bearers but increasing its own power, I have to confess to being bound by my own fannish conservatism here. I like the Kersh version of the Force. I like the post-TESB Lucas version a lot less (Midichlorians, Chosen Ones, and the genetic lottery sit ill with me) and I’m not sure there even is a version in the ST beyond pulling the powers out to satisfy the visuals. But that said, I dig the heck out of your posts and once again have been given something to think about…