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Shopping Maul
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Interesting take on Anakin's "redemption".
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14-Jan-2019, 2:13 AM

Oh man, I’ve bitched about this stuff so much on these threads that I’m sure the sight of my monicker on this one will induce groans for all and sundry…

I have so many issues with the ROTJ climax (and associated ethics) that I don’t know where to begin. Luke’s role for one thing. Luke’s only goal here - his expressed goal - was to save Darth Vader (a known mass-murderer). Oh sure, he also wanted to get out of the way so as not to endanger the mission, but beyond that his motivations were entirely selfish. Ask yourself what you would do if a) you had Jedi powers and b) were alone in a room with space-Hitler and his right-hand thug while they were annihilating entire shipfuls of innocent beings with a super-laser. Would you hide under a stairwell because, after years of happily killing bad guys (including a previous Death Star) you were suddenly concerned with becoming a Zen master? Or would you knock your deadbeat Dad out of the way and do everything in your power to stop the carnage?

Secondly - Vader’s redemption and Luke’s newfound knighthood. All Vader did was save his own flesh and blood. If that really earns a sainthood after years of war and butchery then Force help us all. Not to mention the fact that Palpatine had already told both Luke and Vader that Vader was up for permanent replacement, so poor old Anakin was hardly using excessive wisdom to read between the lines.

Again, how is it ‘the Dark Side’ for Luke to rise to the defence of the entire Galaxy and kill Palpatine, yet it’s the ‘Light Side’ if Vader kills Palpatine in defence of Luke? Meanwhile…

“I am a Jedi” declares Luke proudly, completely oblivious to the fact that this has NO BEARING WHATSOEVER on the battle that’s being waged outside. Indeed, had the Death Star been blown up a couple of minutes earlier the outcome would’ve been no different. Better even, given that Luke wouldn’t survive to bring Darth-wannabe Kylo into the picture.

So yeah, I guess I agree with the video…