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Fantasia - Special Edition laserdisc (Released)
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13-Jan-2019, 11:41 PM
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Depends on the player. There can be video gremlins CLV doesn’t get. CAV is only 30 minutes (or less) per side, so more fuss doing a capture. The digital audio capture would be separate from the video. I run the optical output into a CD recorder, and the end result is a CD-R with the untouched PCM LD audio.
I capture on different players as the one with digital sound processes the video too much. It’s impossible to turn all the processing off completely. My oldest machine, (now over 30 years old!) is as close to raw video output as I can get, also less prone to video anomalies like laser rot, but only has analog sound output. The video will have the analog tracks with CX noise reduction though. Video is captured into a JVC DVD recorder at the highest quality settings and one disc per LD side. The audio is recorded as PCM.