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Fantasia - Special Edition laserdisc (Released)
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13-Jan-2019, 6:04 PM

SilverWook said:

I have the CLV edition.
I can rip the digital tracks. It might be a few weeks before I can get around to it though.

Do you plan to edit down the Deems Taylor scenes, as the extra narration was lost, which prompted the complete redub in the first place?

Correct me if I’m mistaken, but this edition does not have Deems, does it?

I’m in communication with someone else regarding this, personally I think shorter scenes with Deems is enough. He thinks there should be a complete narration (in which case we can use LD for Deems and DVD audio for the rest).

But that is thinking too far ahead. Right now we need LD audio in usable digital form.

BenjaminG said:

Very interested in your project class316 - I was considering doing something myself there too as I’d just got a hold of the 35mm sunflower footage. I’m a bit of a novice though.

I wonder who has the full 35mm footage cause that’d be interesting to have.

Song of the South has so many different variations. LD copy, 35mm HD, BBC HD, hybrids of the above. Star Wars has 5 million different variations. Even THX-1138 has a few different versions out.

All these are wonderful don’t get me wrong. But it amazes me that Fantasia doesn’t get this kind of love.

The only thing I’ve seen (besides direct DVD and blu ray rips) is on myspleen. It’s the DVD video and audio with VHS quality Sunflower scenes inserted (though inserted VERY well).

For those interested in HD Sunflower (and a couple of other Disney things) check out my post: