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9-Jan-2019, 6:47 PM

Telion said:

OK, I’d like to begin with saying this isn’t my idea and it is one from another editor they may or may not be end up using it, but its an idea none the less that I thought might be worth sharing as it requires little to no alterations, to already planned edits.
Rather than having Death Star I and then II the idea is to have the death star damaged or at least only partially
destroyed, and then repaired over the course of ESB to be once again fully operational.

I think this is a great idea !

It is easy to implement, and takes away that unrealistic second death star that was built in no time and it was clearly a proof that GL was out of ideas to be used in ROTJ. And fixes that unrealistic idea that an entire death star was simply vaporized. There should be a giant piece that was still there, despite broken by the big explosion caused by the main reactor (that of course took a big piece of the Death Star, but it didn’t destroy it completely).

In ESB the mentioning of the death star being repaired can be done in the crawl, and that’s it ! You don’t need to change anything else in this movie ! The audience would be expecting to see the repaired death star, but they wouldn’t see it, they would only see it in ROTJ, and it would still be broken, what makes it more realistic due to the size (it is the size of a small moon, something this big can’t be fixed fast).

Besides that, the only thing I would like to see is a fix for Luke becoming a Jedi without finishing his training. In the crawl of ROTJ can be mentioned that Luke returned to Dagobah to finish his training, and the Empire was chasing the rebels across the galaxy. So when ROTJ starts Luke is already a Jedi (some rearranging of the scenes can be done in the way it was done in a previous ROTJ Fanedit, I don’t remember who it was, sorry).