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The ‘Custom Special Edition’ That Almost Wasn’t, But Then Was (Released)
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9-Jan-2019, 4:51 AM

I was thinking about something watching some Episode IV fan edits. 2 scenes I have a question in particular. The Mos Eisley entrance. Various fan edits make the entrance seem choppy due to couple things being cut. Like the robot slapping the security droid and the jawas falling off the ronto. Mostly a lot of fan edits cut around the stuff. They dont like which it’s understandable as those two parts is very childish humor. The most favorable version of the scene edited in a good way to where it’s not so choppy is Adywan Revisited. So I was wondering how yours will be done.

The second scene I have a question about is “If the Ship is as fast as his boasting we ought to do well.” Something I’ve always found cool is with Adywan and KK650’s is they used a wipe with that shot and not the fade. It just seems natural and not weird being none of the other films have had a scene to scene fade transition to another shot. George took the fade away with the imperial spy fading to the docking bay stairs. More then likely he thought it being strange as well being to what I stated. Just thought I’d ask. Love your Custom Special Empire Strikes Back.