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The Place to Go for Emotional Support
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8-Jan-2019, 10:51 AM

Trident said:

LordZerome1080 said:

I feel a great deal of sadness currently and I have doubts as to my ability to do college, I also find myself feeling more alone than I could have thought possible.

Ah yeah. I get it man. This can be a brutal time for sure. But seriously it gets better. You’ve just gotta get into the groove of things. You’ll do fine once you catch your stride.

As far as being alone goes? Man I know all about that. Seriously this goes into some familiar territory for sure. I wish you’d find some peace in knowing you’re not alone in feeling alone? But that’s probably not the full measure of your need just now. Still. Please have hope. It’s not all black for sure. Time should hand you some journey companions eventually.

Just know I care about you man. I don’t want you feeling down or alone.


Thanks I talked with my mom and I feel much better.