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Obi_Wan's Reaction in Star Wars IV
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8-Jan-2019, 10:05 AM
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Don’t know if this has been discussed before, but it’s always intrigued me. In Star Wars IV when Obi wan is talking to Luke, right after Obi-Wan gives him the lightsaber, Alec Guiness has this “hesitant” look about him when Luke asked him how his father was killed. It’s @ 31:53.

I’ve always wondered if:

  1. Alec Guiness was told by Lucas to do this and didn’t tell him why.
  2. Alec Guiness was told by Lucas that Obi-wan killed Luke’s dad, but no other cast member knew.
  3. Alec Guiness did this subtle hesitation out of pure acting skill.

However it was accomplished, I’ve always thought, WOW…when you look back & pay attention to that micro second, that look on Alec Guiness’s face…it’s like he knkew something no one else did?

I don’t know all the lore, so I don’t know if Lucas had “fleshed” out the whole story when it came time to shoot this scene. I recently saw an episode of the Graham Norton Show with the cast of the Last Jedi & Mark Hamill told the story of shooting the Empire scene where Vaders tells Luke he is his father…that on Set the line actually said was…“Obi-Wan Killed your father”. it wasn’t until after that scene he was told by Director Kershner what the line was really going to be (post production and that only Mark, Lucas & Kershner knew this.

Here’s the Link, it’s @ :50 sec…

So this got me thinking about the Obi_Wan scene in Star Wars IV.