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Cameron Samurai
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Doctor Who: Series 11 + Special Edits (a WIP)
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8-Jan-2019, 7:45 AM
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13-Aug-2020, 10:53 AM
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Whoflix isn’t doing any further new Doctor Who edits beyond Capaldi, and I feel from watching the new episodes there is room for improvement, so I’ll be putting together a few edits of the latest series. I’ve practised with four in total

“The Woman Who Fell To Earth”

Right, well, sometimes it’s best not to be too complex with these cuts, and so I’ve only really tinkered with the last act and ending. A little part of me will forever miss Steven Moffat, so in honour of him, let’s give Jodie’s debut a rosier outcome for all involved…including the true star of the episode’s title.

That’s right…here Grace lives. No Youtube videos featuring Ryan (who’s only on 16 views), mourning her. Rather than open on him having bike problems, we open on him, Graham and Grace sitting atop the hill watching the setting sun and talking about his struggles instead. His bike riding issues now come at the tail end of the episode with the Doctor watching on. Grace’s funeral has been cut, as has any and all references to Graham having cancer and The Doctor saying it’s been a long time since she bought women’s clothes.

In some way, this line can prove problematic unless you count the times The Doctor has dressed in drag in the classic series (such as his turn as a cleaning lady in The Green Death), personally I like to headcanon that in a previous regeneration cycle, The Doctor, under his previous identity of The Other, was a woman. He just doesn’t remember his previous cycle though.

A few extra trims occur to prevent Grace and Graham attempting to dismantle Tim Shaw’s data collector. Grace fastening herself to a harness has been kept in when we see the sequence with Shaw triggering the DNA bombs, but you can assume she’s doing that in order to climb up and potentially help out the Doc.

“The Ghost Monument”

Episode two of the new series doesn’t have much replay value…a lot if it is just lots of talking to pad out the running time. Strong character work you might say if you were really trying to find something to like about this, but I figure you’re here to see the players get on with things.

Out went the “trust exercise” story and all that waffle about still loving your mother despite being abused. Takes a special kind of tolerance for that one.

Also out were any references to the Stenzon and the Timeless Child….if you’re going to say “we’re doing no story arcs this year” Chibnall, we might as well hold you to your word even if you won’t.


I enjoyed the story, as my fics and music videos ‘shipping Jon Pertwee with the bloke off the Chase and a big brash space racist can attest, but I of course hadn’t forgotten about my ongoing mission to carry on where Whoflix left off and edit Jodie’s tenure in the TARDIS, and so here we are

One of my biggest plot niggles from the episode was the whole mess with the villain sending James Blake off to Mill Creek…padding of the highest calibre, and since these episodes seem to work much better when trimmed down to a more manageable 40-odd minute length, out it went as well as all references to it…also out is Ryan gushing on about his late nan to Doctor King


I might do two versions of this, one with Kate Stewart (using footage from “Day of the Doctor”, it depends if I can time the interactions right) and one where I just don’t have U.N.I.T and it’s indefinite suspension mentioned at all. Also out is the extra ending where the Dalek forces the Doctor to take it into the TARDIS. Here, we just resolve the situation with the Microwave saving the day. Also cut is the police officer who comes out to the Dalek. This is mainly to appease the crowd who take issue with the “Bury your Gays” tv trope.