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7-Jan-2019, 8:38 AM

OK, I’d like to begin with saying this isn’t my idea and it is one from another editor they may or may not be end up using it, but its an idea none the less that I thought might be worth sharing as it requires little to no alterations, to already planned edits.
Rather than having Death Star I and then II the idea is to have the death star damaged or at least only partially destroyed, and then repaired over the course of ESB to be once again fully operational.
Now as you are reconstructing your original edit of ANH it seems to me that you could alter the destruction of the DS to leave fragments or a husk behind (idk how well that would fit in with the 70s SP aesthetic) but you’ve already shown you have a knack for that sort of thing.
It also wouldn’t interfere (form what I can see) with your plans for ROTJ, except for the possible removal or replacement of some dialog.
Thirdly, though this is more of bonus it wouldn’t interfere with anything from TFA as they only ever refer to the first DS as THE Death Star, so that even makes more sense if its just one.

Anyway its just an idea and if Adywan doesn’t feel it belongs in revisited I’m sure Digmodification will get to it at some point, I just thought it could make a fine edition to your collection. At the same time I don’t know how you or Digmod would feel about it being incorporating here, as it was his idea but that is only something to sort out with him if you were going to use it.

If you wanted to see what see it here is a link to where he posted it: