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Cameron Samurai
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Star Wars: The Ford Awakens (Han Lives Edit) (Released)
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6-Jan-2019, 3:08 AM

That’s sort of what I’ve tried with my current version, a simpler approach would be to have the lightsaber ignited off-screen, keep the focus trained on Han, then Chewie freaks out at seeing this and fires. After the explosives go off, Kylo looks up to find everyone climbing into the elevator as seen in GeoMFilms’ concept edit.

I’m also thinking of never outright stating Kylo and Han are father and son in Version 3 of the edit, this helps continuity with the end of the film where Han never mentions to Rey that Ben is his son when talking about him being the reason Luke left. It also works really well with Leia and Han’s farewell too, now when Leia asks Han “if you see our son…bring him home”, Han’s haunted look as he holds her tells the audience all they need…he did see his son, but he failed in his task.