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Cameron Samurai
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Star Wars: The Ford Awakens (Han Lives Edit) (Released)
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5-Jan-2019, 4:56 PM

Yeah, at one point in the edit I was going to retain the lightsaber duel, and I definitely did cut out the bits where Kylo’s trying to keep his wound under control, then I decided to omit it instead. It may just go back in just because the film is underunning a bit.

Your other ideas sound interesting, and definitely have more layers to them than what my simple mind is conjuring up, heh. I think I’d make a hatchet job of that to be honest.

Just so you know, I did try out your idea on my own programme and came up with something that seems to work, I’ll share it as a sample sometime in the coming week once I test how good it is on a draft of the film.