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Ranking the Star Wars films
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2-Jan-2019, 9:58 PM

StarkillerAG said:

Anakin Starkiller said:

It’s nice to see a TLJ hater who doesn’t blow things out of proportion, personally attack Kathleen Kennedy or start namecalling the director. Lots of people, including one on this site, could learn from you. Then again, you’re new, so for all I know it could rapidly degenerate, but so far so good.

It won’t, I promise. I don’t blame Kathleen, Rian, or any one person for “ruining” the movie. I have the same opinion about people who blame Lucas for “ruining” the prequels. He made the franchise you love, show a little respect.

I do blame both of them:

  • Kathleen for not better managing the new sequel trilogy and franchise overall, not having a cohesive plan for the movies in making them actually work as a proper trilogy or tie in respectfully to the existing saga.

  • Rian for using the first draft of his script (while tossing out JJ’s story treatments for 8 and 9) and purposefully making a movie that would make half the audience love it and the other half hate it (ie. if not purposefully then unwittingly dividing the fanbase). The messages, tone and body language I get from him when dealing with the fans and original cast (such as Mark Hamill) is that of dismissive entitlement and a man on a ego ride because he’s been allowed to make a STAR WARS movie. He didn’t care what happened in TFA apart from carrying over the characters in name and simply pursued his own vision and ideas (ie. essentially a fan fiction on the level of some of the wackier EU books) regardless of how well it meshed with the pre-existing story , openly mocking fans (“Your Snoke theory sucks”) for simply theorising on events and questions setup by TFA, to which his answer was effectively “nothing”. He didn’t ruin the movie, he made a bad movie that significantly lowered the quality of the one that came before, character assassinated one of the biggest and most popular characters from the OT and in pop culture and threw insults at fans who dared criticise the mess he made.

In regards to Lucas:

  • He didn’t “ruin” the PT but he did have some odd ideas and creative decisions that resulted in a lot of cheese and cringe. Thankfully the efforts of many fan editors really help to make the awesome parts of these movies shine and become pretty enjoyable again for adult viewing.

  • He HAS ruined the OT in many of the retrospective changes made that not only change elements of the story but also undermine, diminish or outright replace the original ground breaking effects and work of people that worked on the movies and got them nominated for multiple awards. All of that would of course not be anywhere near so bad if the OUT was readily available but he has made it his mission to revise history instead and try to make the original masterpieces disappear from existence and memory. It is mainly for this reason that despite the respect I have for him as the creator and creative genius of the OT (of which I love the movies, not the franchise) that I personally find it very hard at times to still view him in a positive light.

Just because he created Star Wars does not absolve him from any and all criticism, especially if I consider him to have butchered and vandalised his own creation which I grew up with and came to love over many years. It would be akin to a artist coming back to one of their world famous paintings that’s been around for 20 years and graffiti tagging it with a spray can because they felt like it. Sure it’s within their rights to do so but you have to expect a lot of people to be upset about it and at some stage such a work becomes so culturally significant that it should be considered part of the public domain and preserved. That doesn’t even get into the height of hypocrisy shown by George in light of him standing in front of Congress in 1988 citing the very issue of preserving culturally significant films.