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Thoughts on Star Wars Titles
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2-Jan-2019, 8:47 PM

John_ said:

I honestly don’t have a problem with the title for any Star Wars movie.


I also think they are all fitting and tie in well to what happens in the movie, at least for the OT and PT. The ST titles are not as obvious or entwined in the events of the movies they belong to:

The Phantom Menace
The events at Naboo happen and are resolved but you can feel there is some darker, menacing force at work behind the machinations that brought about the Naboo conflict and one wonders to what end (pretty easy to join the dots though if you’re older than 10 and have seen the OT 😉 ).

Attack of the Clones
A clone army attacks an army of droids (essentially clones as well) and thus begins the Clone Wars.

Revenge of the Sith
The Republic is under the control of a Sith Lord who executes order 66, wiping out the Jedi and the Jedi Order, claiming revenge on the Jedi and fulfilling the pre-shadowing by Darth Maul in TPM.

A New Hope
From the despair and dark times of the Empire’s reign springs fresh new hope in the form of Luke Skywalker. The Rebellion strike a major blow to the Empire and a new hope for the galaxy itself is ignited.

The Empire Strikes Back
After losing the Death Star and nearly Darth Vader himself, Vader and the Empire turn their full focus on hunting down the Rebels. Many losses are experienced by the Rebels as a result while they escape / flee, ending up a fleet adrift in space without a home, all our heroes take bit knocks and the flame of hope is nearly blown out by the end of the Empire’s retaliation against them.

Return of the Jedi
Luke returns as a Jedi in mind and skill and having constructed his own lightsaber (something of a right of passage to becoming a Jedi I believe - apart from needing one anyway 😉 ). He brings his father back to the light, returning the ex-Jedi to the Jedi way and therefore can become a force ghost. Their’s and the Rebel’s triumph over the Empire will also usher in a new Jedi order led by Luke and potentially Leia.

The Force Awakens
Rey learns that the Force is not a myth and finds it awakening in her as a result of the events she gets drawn into. It’s not really clear past this how the Force awakens, I mean you’ve still got Kylo, Snoke, Leia and Luke out there as Force users (though TLJ retcons that Luke has cut himself off from it). You could possibly attribute it to the Force re-awakening in the fandom as a result of this being the first new movie 13 years after ROTS.

The Last Jedi
Luke is the last Jedi with Rey potentially being the new last Jedi in XI after Luke dies (and therefore not the last Jedi as he says to Kylo). I can’t attribute the title to saying anything about Rey since I cannot consider her a Jedi after her not believing the Force was even real a week earlier…

OutboundFlight, please note that it was not intentional to copy your style of reply. I actually started writing this a couple of weeks ago when the thread first popped into existence but have only gotten round to finishing it now 😛