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Is it worth getting the MKV editions after already downloading the AVCHD
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2-Jan-2019, 6:57 PM

So I recently got all 3 AVCHD of the latest versions for each movie, and the result is… alright, but I’ve been hearing so much talk about how the Harmy’s despecialized edition is basically at the same level as the current Blu Ray in terms of picture quality, and what the AVCHD I’ve got, leaves much to be desired, especially with wide and semi wide shots.

I know from Harmy in a post that the MKV is the highest quality version and the AVCHD is very lossy,

So my current setup is plugging my laptop into the TV which I think further emphasises this.

So does the MKV bring it up to blu ray quality or very close, is it a significant improvement that will fix my gripes with the AVCHD? If it is I will be prepared to set aside many many nights downloading chunks of it and there’s nothing stopping me from doing so, I can absolutely do it. I just want to know if the MKV version will actually solve my gripes.