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Tobar said:

Axanar is back in production!

Is Axanar still going? We hear that a lot from people just watching our new video updates on YouTube. So to get everyone up to speed, here is a round up! Some of you may know this, and for some it may be all new, but we want to make sure everyone knows what is happening as we move towards shooting in a few months!

As part of the settlement agreement with CBS & Paramount we are allowed to make two more 15 minute episodes, not the full movie we had planned. The question was what to make?

Now when we made Prelude to Axanar , we thought we should make it a part of a series, like The World at War, the famous BBC series narrated by Sir Lawrence Olivier and which a lot of us grew up on (You can read a good article on The World at War here, and its Wikipedia page is here).

The idea was to make Prelude LOOK like it was part of a series. But we had no intention of ever making episodes 4 & 5, let alone 1 & 2. Prelude was meant to be a proof of concept, followed up by the full length movie Axanar.

Fast forward three years and we settle the ridiculous lawsuit by CBS and Paramount. As part of the settlement, we are allowed to make two more 15 minute episodes, or 30 minutes total, and so I took the Axanar feature film script and trimmed it down and reformatted it to tell the story in 30 minutes.

Click here to read the full Production Update.

Robert Meyer Burnett has his say, and spills a few beans, on his time on Axanar - and since… :

3 quite lengthy videos there (29th Dec onwards), have only watched the first one - yet found it quite illuminating - certainly don’t get the feel this was a just another (albeit quality) fan film, and can see why CBS felt they had to step in.