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31-Dec-2018, 5:06 AM
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I absolutely love Sin City, both the movies and the comics, so when I saw SUP3RDeathStar’s SIN CITY: KILL 'EM GOOD, I was definitely interested. I was disappointed to find out that it never saw the light of day, so then it came to me; “Why don’t I do it myself? How hard can it be, really?” The answer is… not that hard, actually. Although in complete fairness my version of this is the work of an amateur. Without further ado, I present…


The content of this edit is basically what SUP3RDeathStar set out to do in his post, though I’ve made a few modifications. The order of the yarns is:

  • The Customer is Always Right (Part I), followed by the opening credits from the first movie
  • That Yellow Bastard (Part I)
  • The Hard Goodbye
  • The Big Fat Kill
  • Just Another Saturday Night, with opening credits edited out
  • The Long Bad Night, edited into one big chunk rather than two separate halves
  • A Dame to Kill For
  • That Yellow Bastard (Part II)
  • The Customer is Always Right (Part II), followed by the end credits from the second movie

Apart from these cuts, I have also made a few minor edits of some scenes. All of the scenes from the first movie have been sourced from the Director’s Cut, although that version also reorders the movie and merges both Yellow Bastard sections and Customer sections into one each. I prefer the ordering of the theatrical release, so I used some shots and audio bytes from that version to resynch everything into my preferred order. As for proper edits, I only changed two scenes;

  • In the scene where Johnny first enters Kadie’s during The Long Bad Night, I have removed all shots of Nancy except for one, to a limited degree of success. I’ve tried to smooth out those empty spaces as much as I can but they are still somewhat noticeable, especially during the poker scene.
  • At the beginning of That Yellow Bastard (Part II), although I used the Director’s Cut, my version still opens with Hartigan waking up to see Senator Roark standing by his bed. This scene is then followed up by the clips of his wife, the nurse, his lawyer, and his police colleagues, all before Nancy returns to visit him. This is just a personal preference of mine, as I think it flows better opening with the close up of Hartigan as opposed to not seeing him until Roark shows up, which in the Director’s Cut is after all but Nancy.
  • Also during That Yellow Bastard (Part II), the final shot of Hartigan has been taken from the theatrical cut rather than the Director’s cut, because it was much easier to align with The Customer is Always Right (Part II).
  • Finally, all title cards from the Director’s cut have been removed, although if I find a way to make good-looking ones for the stories present in A Dame to Kill For, then I will probably add them back in.

Apologies in advance for the relatively poor video quality. I own both Blu-rays for the movies, but I don’t have a disk drive in my computer so I had to resort to downloading the best quality versions I could find, which unfortunately weren’t that great. I’ll definitely give this edit another crack once I’ve gotten a Blu-ray reader and have improved my editing skills, but until then I think my current version of this edit is perfectly fine.

Anyways, comment if you’re interested in seeing this and I’ll PM you the link!