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Alien: The Extended Cut (Released)
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29-Dec-2018, 12:22 PM

DestronTC said:

First off, this is clearly my edit that you made a few additions to, which I’d’ve appreciated if you’d at least mentioned. Overall that choice was detrimental because it gave you a lot less to work with when making your alterations.
I Want to apologize using your edit. I thought your edit was really great and thought just using that.
The encoding is pretty bad, and that could have been avoided if you’d built it from the ground up. I’ve never heard of this Power Director software you’re using, but if you’re looking for a good, free editing software, I’d highly recommend Davinci Resolve. I don’t use it myself but I’ve dabbled in it, and it’s incredible; Adobe Premiere level software.
Power Director is a Mobile app which sucks on computers, but it’s a lot better on your phone.
A great deal of your additions were worthwhile, but a lot of them either had jumpy sound work or no sound at all, such as the new shots in the egg silo and Sigourney Weaver’s screen test. You can get the full screen tests with audio off the Quadrilogy DVD, or the Blu Ray set. There are great sections where the audio is off sync as well.
yes some of them didn’t have sound because I removed it. it was mainly talking about how they made the eggs and the Sigourney Weaver Screen test I Found on youtube and someone voiced over it and it just didn’t sound right.
You also had some widescreen footage set in 4x3, that could have been cropped off properly.
Sadly the power director app on computer won’t let me crop but on mobile it does.
Overall it pains me to say that I’m not impressed, but I would love to see you do better work in the future! If you have any questions about anything I would be glad to help!
I’m sorry to disappoint you, I guess I’m not cut out to edit films back together. but I do have to say your cut is the best one I’ve ever seen.