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Star Wars 4K77 - Regraded - No DNR (Released)
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27-Dec-2018, 1:00 PM

Williarob said:

That looks very nice!

Could you export your Resolve Project and share a link to that here? (I don’t think that would break any rules since without already having 4K77 it would be worthless. Plus it would be a very small download). That way, everyone who already has a copy of 4K77 can simply import your project file into Resolve, open it, relink it to the 4K77 NoDNR source file we already have, and then render it out.

Also, if it’s as good as it looks in the stills I can apply it to the prores master…

Yeah, no problem.
I uploaded it to uploaded net.
If you have any trouble downloading it, just tell me.

Direct link:

You will see 2 folders with LUTs. There are about 160 (!!) of them, but as I said, I ended using only about 60.