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26-Dec-2018, 6:48 PM
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26-Dec-2018, 7:10 PM
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DuracellEnergizer said:

Spuffure said:

The Beautiful Women thread seems to have died, forever with the face of Mrs. Picky stamped on the front.

That one’s easily remedied.

Ah, thank you.

Still, a lot of the threads don’t seem to get that much attention anymore, hence ‘off topic’s a graveyard’.

It seems the Star Wars chunk of the forum seems to be the popular one right now, with off topic kind of dying. Again, I used to love Star Wars and Batman, but now those obsessions have died out. In fact my loving for Star Wars was why I joined in the first place. And my new threads seem to have died out.

Country Thread: Gone

TV shows you have loved: Gone

The threads I’m GLAD are gone are the best Palpatine hologram thread where I… shudder

And the say something random every time you see this… bullshit. Can’t really call it a thread.

The ‘Dies Jedi Academy Suck Now?’ bullshit. That bullshit was just pointless now.

And probably many others. Oh yeah, and the Mocking bullshit. (Notice how I’m replacing the word ‘thread’ with ‘bullshit’), and also the ‘Han solo dies?!’ bullshit where I carelessly broke the rules. Glad that fucker’s gone.

Lastly, those ‘Batman game Joker model’ crap. I just feel kinda dumb for posting those posts. (Sorry for the lot of swearing. But I’m just expressing Myself.)


EDIT: I think Off-Topic’s listened to me! Hooray!! 😃