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The Star Wars Fan Films / Shorts thread
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23-Dec-2018, 12:41 AM

Thought it was pretty good in many aspects and a very commendable effort considering it’s a self funded fan film. The opening action was pretty good and the Emperor’s voice was almost spot on in this initial scene, Vader’s voice was pretty good as well. Both started to degrade in quality and believability when they later get into essentially an extended conversation which I think was a mistake as it quickly shows up the noticeable differences in voice and how one would expect each of them to say something (plus the both of them are never THAT chatty in any of the films).

The Emperor’s throne room also was a bit too simple, needing more greebles or dynamics in the design as it just looks like a plain room with some wall light scones and a window which is far too small. It needed probably a number of larger windows in which to help indicate the scale and bring the exterior inside more to help tie it all together.

Young Anakin and Padme were also pretty cringe but other than those few things it was pretty well done. It definitely felt like Star Wars and drew me in more than TLJ did, so on that alone it succeeds as a film (with a 100k budget though I think close to 200k was used in the end).