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MEMORY - Dixon's Novel Based on Alien (1979)
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19-Dec-2018, 2:46 PM
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Very Early Stages

Based on the Universe and Characters created by Dan O’Bannon, Ridley Scott, H. R. Giger, Ronald Shusett James Cameron

About a month ago I re-watched the horror classic which I had fallen love with during my childhood. Now, 17, I think I’m just old enough to appreciate the films brilliant acting, direction, score, cinematography, effects, design, and themes.

I became absolutely enamored and, to tell the truth, a bit obsessed with the film. Moreover, I became obsessed with all the possibilities, and, what I would do were I to adapt the film into my own work.

Inspired by and named after Dan O’Bannon’s early concepts for “Memory,” I hope to expand upon the work that came before, retaining most of the themes and story of O’Bannon’s scripts, returning much of what was cut from the later scripts and film.


1 Kane is Female but remains mostly the same in regards to personality.
2 Ash is a human with ASPD.
3 The concept of promiscuity amongst crew members is returned.
4 The relationship between Dallas and Ripley is no longer ambiguous and is now a substantial sub plot.
5 Ripley is now obviously the main character from the beginning.
6 The LV-436 segment is closer to the script and novelization. Including the location of the eggs and appearance of the planet. The Space Jockey is closer to the original design as well.
7 Original Space Jockey backstory returned and expanded upon.
8 Egg Silo likely brought back.
9 Airlock sequence retained.
10 Fate of Captain Dallas included.
More Changes likely to come.

I’d like to hear your guys thoughts.