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Episode VIII : The Last Jedi - Discussion * SPOILER THREAD *
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17-Dec-2018, 10:25 PM

SilverWook said:

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DrDre said:

rodneyfaile said:

Han Solo, General Leia, and Master Skywalker are not losers.

Han went from a hero and General in the Rebellion, and being ready for a committed relationship with Leia to going back to smuggling, abandoning his wife and son, and then got stabbed go death by his son in a last ditch effort to save him. Luke went from being the last Jedi, who redeemed his father to falling from his faith completely, just wanting to die, abandoning his family, friends, and the galaxy as a whole, only to die from Force exhaustion in a last ditch effort to save the handful of remaining rebels. Leia went from being one of the leaders of the Rebel Alliance and of the New Republic, while starting a family to being a general of a band of rebels that can fit in the Millenium Falcon having lost her husband and son. In the context of where they were at the end of the OT, each of the big three lost in a major way, and worst of all after building a powerful friendship over the course of three films would not share a single scene together in the new trilogy with Luke only becoming aware of the death of his best friend after the fact.

Hi Dre,

Just thought I’d say that you’re still doing a great job in representing those that found TLJ to be an abhorrent (or at the very least distasteful) addition to the Star Wars saga and continuing to shine light on all the reasons it is by far the worst Star Wars movie to date if only due to the damage it has done to the Star Wars fandom and the franchise itself. You’ve got my full support in standing up for our perspective and I wish I could be half as involved in discussing it as you are but currently I just can’t be bothered (nor have the time) to get entrenched again in arguments about TLJ and Disney/Lucasfilm reactions to the criticism.

Just didn’t want you to think you are alone in your views on TLJ that you always so accurately and thoroughly express 😃


TLJ didn’t damage the fandom, that was self-inflicted.

Sorry but I strongly disagree. You only have to go actively looking for it and you will see the fallout everywhere. But that’s still a matter of opinion which we can courteously agree to disagree on.

The damage to my own enjoyment of Star Wars was certainly not self-inflicted, it was an adverse reaction to what I had to experience as a new official episode to a saga that up to that point I had loved every episode of (even the PT though my adult enjoyment of them are greatly enhanced now by fan edits).

I am a Star Wars fan through and through which makes me part of the fandom. To say all my grievances and issues with TLJ are self-inflicted is pretty nasty.