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The Hobbit: Roadshow Edition ❖ FIRST TEASER NOW ONLINE ❖
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17-Dec-2018, 5:56 AM

Here’s the scene!

I’ve taken excepts from Clamavi de Profundis’ 20-minute recording of the entire poem, of which I plan to use a few more verses in the second act of the film to accompany the Roäc scene.

It was a lot of fun but a lot of work to do the day-for-night grades, especially in shots including fire (ie. most of them). What may not be so apparent is that the entire flashback sequence has also received a subtle Technicolor-effect grade to give it an antique look, most apparent in the shots inside the mountain (although there are a couple of visual artefacts there I’m still working to remove) and the landscape shots at the end of the sequence.

The soundtrack isn’t final; while it does work as an entirely silent sequence, I intend to put together what I call a “partial” foley track, underscoring the scene but deferring to the music, for the final edit.