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Doctor Who
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14-Dec-2018, 10:42 AM

Good points, Jason. People that might not want any diversity in the cast/crew might find it too liberal or PC, but so what? If anything, the content itself was far more centrist than ever before in the new series. It’s possible that Chibnall’s clunky exposition and frankly rather poor dialogue made things stand out a bit more, for people that are sensitive to certain things.

It also had perhaps the most conservative leaning episode since the Tom Baker serial, Sunmakers, with Kablam.

I myself found it a fairly disappointing season, mostly, that did a few things quite right. Chibnall’s own episodes felt of an amateurish quality, and the season planning (and what was done with the main characters) quite poor. But all of the guest writer scripts were well written, and a couple of them were great (Demons, Takes You Away, nearly Rosa with the faults likely Chibnall’s doing).

I hope things get tightened up next time. The presentation has taken a nice turn. Good direction, quality CGI, and I do like the new composer. Great actors, but each episode felt like they were still starting out and hadn’t developed the characters. I would love to see the role of show runner be more like a classic series producer, where they don’t write a single word of the scripts. 😉