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UHD Blu-ray Authoring - Technical Discussion
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12-Dec-2018, 9:13 PM
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15-Dec-2018, 8:15 PM
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Attempt 1:

Any Encoder: Create 1080P files
Adobe Encore: Create 1080p Blu-ray authored folder
Any Encoder: Prepare 4K files to replace 1080p streams
TSMuxer: Mux to m2ts
Hybrid: Take menu m2ts file from 1080p authored folder and resize to 3840x2160 and convert to HEVC
TSM2UHD: Run Bluray folder through TSM2UHD
ImgBurn: Create Disc Image
Windows: Mount Disc Image
PowerDVD (17 or newer): Play Disc

Result: No audio or video, unknown playlist essentially.

Notes: I think my main issue here is that I didn’t really modify the mpls files as well which are the playlist files.

Edit: I believe I see my missed logic here, So tsm2uhd will need to modify the clpi and mpls files. So I think what I need to do is mux each of my 4K HEVC files to their own blu-ray folders and I can probably get those to work when playing the disc image. The pain will be the menu. I’m contemplating how to properly get that remuxed. I think I may have to go ahead and remux it in its own structure, rename the clpi, and then run tsm2uhd and put it back in our main disc structure. After all of this I’ll open the disc up in BDEdit and copy over instructions from the HD version that I made in Adobe Encore earlier, this should help insure the ordering of files and what file is run on first play. However I’ll probably get to that tomorrow. Still have work in the morning, gotta pay the bills. I really wish I could just win the lottery and buy me a license for Scenarist or Kite UHD. Welp there’s to dreaming haha. I’m going to run a simple test to even see if my files are compliant, so a structure with no menus that I muxed then ran through tsm2uhd, I’ll see if they load up properly in PowerDVD, then probably going to bed.

Attempt 1.5:

So I tried muxing my files seperately and then combining then naming appropriately and then running through tsm2uhd. My playlist files (mpls) are way way screwed up. Otherwise the resolutions are correct. But I think because of the mpls issues, I’m getting a black screen with only audio because it at least knows what audio is supposed to play for some reason.

Attempt 2:

So I remuxed everything this time with x265 in FFMPEG and used the --uhd-bd flag and some example command for ffmpeg from doom9. Needless to say if I burn the files individually after running through tsmuxer and tsm2uhd, they play flawlessly on a 25 GB disc well above the bitrate threshold!

Bad news though, still no menus, and I can’t get it to run through sequential files as I have to modify the mpls files (playlist files). I can’t use the ones that point to the 1080p files or the content just won’t work. If you use the 4K mpls files, well it will only play the first video.

I also need to be able to retain the 1080p version index.bdmv and MovieObject.bdmv files as they contain certain instructions that we don’t want to leave out.

Unfortunately BDEdit cannot/will not let me modfify the clpi files to show resolutions above 1080p, and it won’t let me select HEVC for a codec. Meaning I’ll manually have to enter it. Which also means I need to figure out what that option is encoded as in Hexadecimal 😦

As far as the MPLS files go, looks like I’m going to have to see if there are any indicators of resolution or codec in that as well, which I don’t think it does at least. However I am missing information if I bring in the mpls files that tsm2uhd can pick up. Which this is where the going to the next video breaks.

So far have not been able to get into the menu.

Calling it a night, gonna have to do some serious research this weekend. Would be so much easier if we could figure out BDMV 300 objects and encoding right now, but there just really isn’t much on it. Damn you Hollywood lol!

Attempt 3:

Figured out some flags and stuff. Possibly part of my problem is the index.bdmv created from Adobe Encore is all sorts of screwed up. May need to actually test my 1080p disc lol.

Edit: Yup Encore is screwed up. Uninstalling and Reinstalling lol.

Attempt 4:

Spent most of the day trying to get this to work. Wasted on of my 50gb discs 😦 . Also manually edited the clpi, mpls, index.bdmv, and movieobject.bdmv files with no luck. Left the menu mpls/m2ts/clpi file alone. The main issue was that tsm2uhd just wouldn’t see the flags it needed to determine that it need to start editing the files.

So my doom9 account should be able to comment on that form now. I’ll ask jdobbs for assistance, although he’s probably really freaking busy.

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