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The Predator The No Dam Dogs Edition V2
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12-Dec-2018, 3:32 AM

I have just finished my re tweaked V2 of The Predator V2, this differs from the initial version hosted on everyone’s personal organ, I removed that due to arguments from members of an off topic subject matter which distracted from the fan edit.

The purpose of this fan edit is to foremost remove every aspect of those Dam Predator Dogs.

The movie runs at a lean 87 mins and removes or tightens 100’s of areas of the movie with small and big edits.

To start with I isolated the score to 6 streams so i could remove some of the over used areas of the original Predator music cues.

I then went to work with the following.

The predator crash landing stream lined
The hostage opening and bad lines trimmed, tightened
The predator first encounter trimmed, tightened, Predator tech/ball removed V2
Helicopter search tightened
Mckenna posting items removed all aspects of invisibility and the predator tech/ball removed V2
Boy walking home trimmed
Mckenna introduced to the loonies trimmed
Casey introduction to Stargazer Head Quarters trimmed removed silly jokes
Introduction to the Predator trimmed removed one liner from original movie
Predator escape trimmed, tightened
Loonies on the bus all bad jokes trimmed, tightened
The chase reorganised and trimmed
New Predator coming to earth, new subtitles added V2
The predator attacking soldiers cut
Casey in Hotel trimmed
McKenna and his wife with loonies, cut, trimmed and re organised V2
The new Predator with his dogs trimmed
Search for his son heavilly reorganised, cut and scenes added V2 see link for sample

This area is used with areas from Aliens vs Predator Requiem but all dogs removed
McKenna, Casey and Nebraska interrogation reorganised, trimmed and cut to remove The Predator dogs
The Spaceship compound trimmed, tightened, cut and reorganised
McKenna giving his son invisibility ball cut V2
Compound joining forces, trimmed and cut to remove Predator dog
Explosion trimmed to remove Predator dog
Fire fight in forest trimmed when they get killed they just die not silly expanded deaths
Spaceship fall trimmed
Final fight trimmed with Predator all areas of invisibility removed
End of the movie redone to remove what ever the hell that Predator tech thing was, this is redone leaving a lot more to the imagination without seeing what was in the casket.

If I can figure out to share this for free with anyone more than happy to try.