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12-Dec-2018, 1:52 AM

greenpenguino said:

Smithers said:

RicOlie_2 said:

I’m with you on that one. This place is pretty depressing sometimes. It’s not nearly as fun as it used to be, and now that my love for Star Wars has waned a bit, I imagine it’s only a matter of time before I take off.

Damn dude

SilverWook said:

It’s been a rough year around here.


DuracellEnergizer said:

For years now, I’ve been losing interest in all things Star Wars, and this year was the year I officially became an ex-Star Wars fan. The only reason I stick around’s because of the community, but ever since darth_ender jumped ship, more-and-more of the most interesting posters have disappeared, so the community’s barely a factor anymore.

General Star Wars Discussion is a borefest, Off-Topic (and the Sub-Forums Formerly Known as Off-Topic) are graveyards, and Script Writing/Rewriting’s a ghost town; with no large gravitational bodies to keep me in place, it’s only a matter of time before I leave orbit.

Fuck man, that’s rough, I miss the interesting discussions and creative ideas that circulated the fan-edit and script writing pages too. I only joined in 2014 but man it feels like so long ago when this place was pretty damn fun, I didn’t mind the force awakens take over, but once rogue one rolled around, we had the sock epidemic where trolls joined and proceeded to make dozens of accounts, then TLJ came out and many members became completely hostile, this started a wave of a bunch of members leaving, and that did a number on some of the greatest threads on here man, it kills me. Anyway I think I’m gonna stick around as long as I have people to bounce creative ideas off of but yeah, it’s been rough.

Yeesh, I come back and apparently things have taken a real downturn. It’s sad that this place has become so toxic. Last time I left was more to do with life getting in the way (not in a bad way, just things like work, relationships and some political activism got in the way of posting on a Star Wars Forum) but the fact that it’s gotten so bad that people are thinking of bailing and are growing to hate something they previously loved is depressing. I wouldn’t consider myself an ex-star wars fan just yet, but the fact that there’s so much vitriol coming from fans (often a particular type of white dudes) is pushing me away pretty damn fast. I wonder sometimes if Redlettermedia had anything to do with some of this vitriol, but it’s probably broader than just one youtube channel and maybe far more of a systemic thing. Also, what the hell happened to TV’s Frink? He got banned?! Why?

Whoa dude good to see ya around too, long story short Frink has been banned after a series of temp bans but it all came down to, roughly speaking, some political garbage which evolved into personal attacks going on between him and Jay. I’m not gonna speak for either of them though, it’s some petty shit though for sure, you can read the politics 2 page and skim their last posts to kinda figure it out