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Alien: The Extended Cut (Released)
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10-Dec-2018, 8:32 PM

Ooh, fun. 2:55:00 did you say?? Jeepers creepers how in the world? I only ever got it to 2:31:51! 20 more minutes I didn’t know about, I can’t fathom. I never used anything from Giger’s Alien, so that’s probably it? shrug

Those shots of Parker are from some old teaser trailer that’s actually in 16x9. Good stuff. I put it right before the shot where he goes to refuel the flamethrower. There’s also some shots of the landing in that trailer. It’s on one of the DVDs, not sure which. Haven’t thought about this shit in ages lol.

That Alien: Cocoon of Love video is from the Enhancement Pods that were included when they did the Blu Ray version of Beast Within. Not on the DVD.

Also, are your chestburster and cocoon videos my versions from YouTube that you added to? You should sort out your aspect ratios, I noticed the new footage from the chestburster video was still in 4x3.

If you need any information, hit me up! Can’t wait to see what you put out!