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10-Dec-2018, 8:01 PM

HEY, so story is, like I said in my previous post from two hecking years ago(!!!) I totally finished the Alien Uncut edit.

I just always hated it because the framerate is a not very consistent 30, the quality isn’t what it should be, and it’s a ridiculous 20 gigabyte file. I made the damn thing when I was just starting to get into video editing and I had no idea about anything.

That being said, from what I remember I was always happy with the way it was cut. I got all the shots just where and how I wanted them.

So I was skimming through some old hard drives randomly and decided “what the hell?” I’ll upload that Alien edit I did so many moons ago. When I rewatched it, all the problems I mentioned above really didn’t bother me as much as they once did. I also re-encoded it to a much nicer file size for you guys.

If anyone is still interested in this ridiculous behemoth, I hit up a 'spleen mod yesterday, so hopefully I’ll be putting it there.

I still maintain that I might go back and redo it from the ground up one day, but I thought everybody should at least see it as it is now.

I’ve always felt bad about not releasing this edit or going back to give it another shot. It makes me so sad - the amount of fan projects I see on this site that just drop off and never get finished with no closure at all, and I didn’t want mine to be one of those.