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4K83 Released
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3-Dec-2018, 7:25 AM

You_Too said:

Williarob said:

Harmy’s Grindhouse was from a different print than our LPP.

I don’t know how much, if any, color correction was applied to our LPP: I received it as a Bluray ISO. I would imagine at least some basic color correction was done, but it would have been applied on a reel by reel (or even one setting for the whole film). I’m hoping to get access to a better version of the scan soon - not for the purpose of restoration, but for use as a color reference.

I see. Your version looks like a great color reference based on those shots at least. Would be interesting to see some other random shots from the entire movie. 😃

Oh and about the audio: What would be the best, technically speaking, the optical audio or that US LD 1983 mix? When comparing them, the optical sounds more “full”, more bass in it.

Here are some more frames:


I’m not an audio guy, so I’ll let Schorman and Hairy_hen address your sound questions…