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your thoughts: Did Disney kill star wars because it sounds like they did with the last jedi solo and resistance.
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2-Dec-2018, 11:31 AM

fmalover said:

I must admit Rey being super-duper strong in the Force doesn’t bother me as much as her being skilled at pretty much everything, being a mechanical engineering genius with intricate knowledge of all types of spaceships, an expert pilot, an accomplished marksman by simply grabbing a blaster and so on and so forth.

But the thing that really bothers me about the ST is the First Order being so goddamn powerful and wealthy despite being a fraction of the Empire, and it only takes about a week to regain control of the Galaxy.

As a fan of the ST, I will admit that having the 1st Order as a band of underdog terrorists would have made a much stronger narrative than the superpower we have now. JJ just couldn’t help but reset the clock.