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Charles Threepio
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Gold Standard Collection #1: A Fistful of Dollars
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1-Dec-2018, 7:28 PM
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1-Dec-2018, 7:34 PM
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Charles Threepio
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Well, take it to PM, dammit, because I have little patience for detractors who have nothing better to do to me than clog up my project threads any time I announce them—and considering this is my first real project thread I can expect nothing but beligerence from either side to turn pre-production on anything I touch into a trainwreck. And you wonder WHY I “directly insult and disrespect” you. Once I become as experienced as you lot, do you expect me to haze any and all noobs in a similarly insulting fashion? Just consider THAT as I work hard over the next week on a first reel preview I shouldn’t even be treating you to…

ETA: I apologize for that outburst. I simply hate having to put up with grief and nothing but from the word go, which harshly lowers my expectations on what I’ll be able to turn out. At any rate, the fact that I got off to a bad start over the past couple of years makes me wonder if I’m really cut out for restoration work. But enough about that. We’ll find out for sure come September.