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4K83 Released
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30-Nov-2018, 7:57 AM
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You_Too said:

ChainsawAsh said:
It should also be noted that while two “1985 Home Video Mix” files are included in the Alternate Audio folder, they’re actually the same as the 1983 theatrical mix, of which Schorman says the one marked “1983 - Stereo (US Source)” is the best quality.

Thanks, so both the Japan and US ones are from 1985 LD releases? Looking forward to compare them.

schorman13 said:
It’s not really an alternate. I just posted it individually in case anyone might like to download the track by itself, without the rest of 4K83. I named it “[Cleaned]” because I worked on it, and I don’t want it to be confused with the untouched audio, which I didn’t share, but could if anyone really wanted it.

Thanks, the ac3 file might work better with my blu-ray player. Good to know they’re the same. The main track that I heard when previewing the mkv sounded great.

It would be interesting to hear some comparison samples of before and after your cleanup though. 😃

I was confused. I forgot about the “Alternate Audio” folder. Yeah, that cleaned file is there in case anyone needed it in ac3 format, as ChainsawAsh said.

ChainsawAsh said:

There’s four - two US, two Japan; the ones marked as the 1983 mix are from pan-and-scan LDs, and of those two the US one is the better source. The ones marked 1985 mix are from the Japanese Special Collection and the US Widescreen Edition, which was the debut of the 1985 mix for ANH and (maybe) ESB, but per Schorman, it’s the same mix as the 1983 theatrical mix. They’re presumably only included because whoever made the MKV package (williarob or ohteedee, I think) assumed a new mix was done for ROTJ in 1985, as most of us have for years.

Yeah, I was worried people might be confused by how many different versions there were of the '83 mix. I had them all done so I shared them. In reality, anyone wanting authenticity above all should choose the optical soundtrack. The US pan & scan LD does offer the best sounding version of the soundtrack, in my opinion. The other versions are shared for anyone with an attachment to the JSC or SWE.