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General Star Wars Video Game Thoughts
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29-Nov-2018, 3:24 PM

Mocata said:

Rogue Squadron II is a good one, but I remember part III being full of bad third person levels. I think the Clone Wars game was kinda fun in a mindless action sort of way. Just don’t buy Jedi Outcast it’s a really bad port.

Cheers man, I remember the two Rogue Leader games on the GC from back in the day when I used to have it (loved the space battle missions IIRC), and sort of have fuzzy memories for Jedi Outcast (a lot of ‘Force Pushing’ people off cliffs and was somewhat repetitive after a while?) - though it’s coming free as part of the bundle, so no worries on that score.

Haven’t played Clone Wars or Bounty Hunter before - looking forward to that - though will likely start with the two Rogue Leader games - and be frustrated by how bad I’ve become at it 😃