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4K83 Released
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29-Nov-2018, 8:57 AM

You_Too said:

I haven’t finished downloading this yet but I have some questions about the audio. Sorry if they’ve already been clearly answered, I’m too tired to read through the thread at the moment.

What’s the difference between the optical audio track packed in the mkv file and the “cleaned” one?
And are there any digital tracks that actually matches the theatrical stereo audio? I see the 1993 LD track is there but weren’t all the 1993 LD mixes altered? The 1983 Japan and US sources, are they from LDs too?

The image quality is great by the way, managed to preview a bit of it. 😃

English Audio options Released for 4K83:
(* indicates this version was included with the standard release of 4K83)

*1) 5.1 soundtrack with additional music cues during Luke and Obi-Wan’s discussion on Dagobah.
2) 5.1 soundtrack without additional music.

3) Mono soundtrack recorded by Puggo and synchronized to 4K83

schorman (me 😃 ):
*4) Optical stereo soundtrack provided by TN1, sychronized, declicked, and denoised by me.
5) 1983 Stereo mix from US pan and scan LD source
6) 1983 Stereo mix from Japan pan and scan LD source
7) 1983 Stereo mix from JSC LD source
8) 1983 Stereo mix from SWE LD source

*9) 1993 Stereo remix from Japanese Definitive Collection LD source

*10) 1993 3.0 channel LD commentary
11) 1993 LD commentary downmixed to stereo

  1. mono mix patched, declicked, decrackled, denoised, eq’ed by me