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RELEASED: "Star Trek: The Motion Picture (Special Longer Version)"
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27-Nov-2018, 1:32 PM

Managed to get my VCR going again and had another watch of the SLV. It doesn’t drag at all for me. Even Kirk’s mysterious mighty morphing space suit is only one brief head shot before Spock floats back. Not insurmountable.

I like the background technobabble and computer voice but I think the voices are just a fraction too loud in most scenes. They compete too much with the main dialogue.

I wish Grace Lee Whitney had been present on the bridge for a bit in the second half of the movie. Even a couple of reaction shots during the V’Ger flyover would have elevated her appearance to be more noticeable. It’s also a shame she doesn’t come onto the bridge with Scotty and Chapel in the final scene. It would have been nice if they had all been present on the bridge at the same time.

I think a hybrid version of the DE is probably going to be the absolute pinnacle but I do love this version.