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27-Nov-2018, 1:35 AM

RicOlie_2 said:

Because eternal salvation is a lot more important than 80-or-so years on earth. And now that we’ve minimized the spread of so many diseases, the risk of spreading disease is a lot less than it once was.

I see no reason to respond to the first nasty, rotten, disgusting sentence of your nasty, rotten, disgusting post because I think it’s obvious bullshit to any rational person and I think that everyone, including the Christians on this site would say that it’s disgusting to disregard the lives of these people just so that you can potentially spread your ideology to them. As for your second nasty, rotten, disgusting sentence, these people don’t have immunity to the diseases that we all have immunity to. A simple case of the flu could potentially kill every man, woman, and child on that island. Of course, as you said, who gives a shit about that though when we’re dealing with eternal salvation?! Fuck your eternal salvation. Cool people rot in hell.