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OT Saga - Extended Edition (* unfinished project *)
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25-Nov-2018, 11:56 PM


Projects not dead!!!

The Star Wars Changelist

Main Source Used Team negative1 presents poitas super 8mm preservation (Thanks TN1 and Zigzig)

Opening Sequence From DeSpecialized 2.5 - Fox Fanfare, Intro, Title Crawl and opening space

battle (Thanks Harmy)

Moved C-3PO “I think I’m Melting” to right after the droids cross through the crossfire

Inserted “Luke and Treadwell” Scene Directly after (Thanks Marcelo Zuniga)

Would Have Added The Woman Screaming Slow Down But There is no Audio and There is supposed to

be The Landspeeder Racing By. If anyone thinks they can pull that off I can put it in the

unplanned V2 (Thanks TBD)

Inserted “Luke Arrives at Anchorhead Scene” after the Droids escape the Blockade Runner(Thanks

Marcelo Zuniga)

Inserted “Luke and Biggs” scene after C-3PO Signals the Sandcrawler (Thanks Marcelo Zuniga)

Inserted “Blue Milk” scene After Aunt Beru Calls Luke to Dinner (Thanks Marcelo Zuniga)

Inserted Extended “Search for R2-D2” (Thanks Marcelo Zuniga)

Changed Severed Ponda Boba Arm to Severed Head (Thanks Ronster)

Inserted first and second shot of Han with “Jenny” Before and After The Ponda Boba Fight also

Altenitive Shot of Hans’ introduction with Jenny Leaving the Booth

Inserted “I don’t Think They’d Like another killing in here” line to the Exchange with Greedo

Inserted Extended “Stormtrooper Search” into the scene C-3PO and R2-D2 are hiding behind the

locked door (Thanks Marcelo Zuniga)

Inserted “Original Jabba the Hutt Scene” After the Elephant Alien alerts the Empire (Thanks

Jamie Benning)

Inserted “Vader and Bast” scene directly after (Thanks Marcelo Zuniga)

added in soon!!
Bens hut Benning
Another Killing in Color J.W. Rinzler
Alderann Ronster
Leia and Tarken Rinzler
Controll Room Rinzler
Death Star Escape Rinzler
Vader and Obi Wan Rinzler
Gonk Droid Rinzler
Biggs Reuninon Adywan
Super Nova Rinzler

Is There Something I am Missing? Tell ME!!!
Still Cannot find that darned Stomtroopers swinging from ropes scene Brahhhhhh!!!