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Harry Potter Extended Editions
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25-Nov-2018, 7:02 PM

After a bit of a layoff, I have pulled out my old edits and have started making some tweaks (hopefully not ala George Lucas). There were some things that I wanted to do when I first was working on these, but didn’t have the confidence to do them properly. Most of these changes involved scenes with green or blue screen. While I incorporated some, there were others that I avoided completely.

The first tweak I am working on is an addition to the DH1 intro. I always wanted to have the full “Dudley Redemption” scene added. I have rendered out an initial cut of the intro with this inserted. I’m not pleased with the music right now, so it will require more tweaks. The only part I have done green screen work on so far is the initial wide shot. Other portions are zoomed in at the moment, which you will be able to see clearly in the quality differences of the footage. I hope to be able to do more green screen work on these portions to increase the quality.

Here is the first draft of this revised intro.