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The Last Jedi- Full Movie Re-Edit
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21-Nov-2018, 7:04 PM

adywan said:

arosa1091 said:

Don’t get all the hate for Ivan. All Youtubers use Patreon. I understand why some might consider it an ethical issue,but its out of our control. Drop it and get over it. He’s gonna be remembered as one of the greatest fan editors because of what he’s doing to TLJ.

Why the f**k should we “drop it and get over it”? His actions could have serious repercussions for every Star Wars fan edits & fan editors. We have seen what happened when Axanar decided to personally profit from a brand they had no rights to. Disney could see what he is doing and decide to clamp down on fan edits. This could put an end to a whole section of the fan editing community through the actions of one person. Years worth of work, down the drain. And, no, not all youtubers use Patreon. NO fan genuine fan editors monetise their videos on youtube, for one, and certainly not set up a Patreon to pay themselves a wage.

Man really said it the way it is, fan films and fanedits should be inspired by the merritt of creativity and should be made without any question of legality, the rules set up by this community have been put in place for ethical and legal reasons, we should NOT be paying people to fuck with disney and further fuck with the fanedit community by risking everything we have built on this page for over a decade. Projects such as these are hobbyist projects, not jobs. It is possible that good hobby work done here could land skilled members new jobs in the industry, but there is nothing correct about breaking the core rules and forcing yourself into a career based on dishonesty and ignorance of the law and history of projects such as these, I’m so done with seeing this shit man. Ivan had some pretty cool creative ideas, and that’s it, at the first sign of criticism he turned to his small gang of worshippers that he calls “fans” and shit talked the entire website like a middle-school girl, pathetic. The ONLY time money should be involved in fan projects is when they invest their OWN hard earnings into their OWN resources to complete the tasks at hand, that’s an unfortunate reality that must be grasped by everyone who invests their time into shit like this. I’m quite pissed that I was one of the first viewers of Ivan’s channel and that I linked him to this site pretty early on as an opportunity to better his own project and to welcome a useful new creative and productive member to the forum to have this ignorant drama arise based on pure greed. Don’t watch Ivan’s edit, don’t leave a good review, or a bad review in the comments, don’t buy his merch, don’t pay him, this guy is bad news.