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The Last Jedi- Full Movie Re-Edit
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21-Nov-2018, 9:20 AM

arosa1091 said:

Don’t get all the hate for Ivan. All Youtubers use Patreon. I understand why some might consider it an ethical issue,but its out of our control. Drop it and get over it. He’s gonna be remembered as one of the greatest fan editors because of what he’s doing to TLJ.

I wouldn’t say it is hate, just frustration instead that he seems to be tossing all caution to the wind and doing something that is a fan editing 101 no-no which imperils the entire fan editing community. It all comes down to the reasons for collecting money from people and for what purpose. If it was just to support his channel so he could produce more content for his supporters or in the example scenario I posted about above regarding contracting out his professional work while making free edits on the side, then it wouldn’t be an issue.

But seeing that it is solely his editing of someone else’s copyright material which causes people to pay him money to continue doing that very same thing, he has generated a recurring income using that copyright material. It’s probably the next worst thing beside actually selling his edit for profit.

Whether his edit ends up being any good is also yet to be seen. His reasons for fixing narrative and character details through smart edits and use of better music is really promising on top of some great cuts and rearrangements of scenes and some very interesting ideas in restructuring the film to an extent to tell a much more compelling and Star Wars like story. But it’s not till we view the completed edit that we can tell whether it will all come together as a cohesive and well made edit or not.