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Voss Caltrez
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your thoughts: Did Disney kill star wars because it sounds like they did with the last jedi solo and resistance.
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21-Nov-2018, 1:07 AM

DuracellEnergizer said:

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I thoroughly hate Darth Göring and Emperor Skeletor, so I won’t mention them.

Tell me how you really feel.

I really, really wanna fuck Daisy Ridley.

Why such hate for my boys Vader and Sidious?

I draw a distinction between Darth Vader (the main villain of SW '77 & TESB) & Darth Göring (the milksop of ROTJ & the PT who gets to go to Jedi Heaven after a lifetime of mass murder just 'cause he loved his son really, really hard).

And I hate Darth Henrietta for being a dimensionless Saturday morning cartoon supervillain.

I agree.
I didn’t mind the ending for ROTJ at the time, but now that I watch the film it’s like, wait, Darth Vader helped destroy an entire planet full of people.
There’s no turning back from that.
I love Return of the Jedi as it’s the first Star Wars film I saw as a kid, but man, is it flawed.

Luke using the dark side to choke out the guards at Jabba’s palace. Luke and Leia being bro and sis. Vader becoming good again, just because he didn’t let the Emperor kill his son. Obi-wan justifying lying by saying, “it’s true…from a certain point of view.” That was all some BS.

Some tweaks could have fixed some of those parts.
Luke simply waving his hand at the guards and they lower their weapons and allow his passge.
Obi-wan just saying Luke wasn’t ready for the truth, and leave it at that.
The funeral pyre for Vader, along with the score, is just enough. No need to have Force ghost Yoda and Obi-wan AND Anakin appear.

But who is Darth Henrietta? The Emperor?