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The Last Jedi- Full Movie Re-Edit
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20-Nov-2018, 6:59 PM

SilverWook said:

It would only serve the narrative that we’re the bad guys who oppose him at this point. I doubt Disney/Lucasfilm keeps track of banned members from Star Wars forums. They don’t even seem to check the social media of people they allow to podcast/blog from Celebration.

If they return we’ll deal with it then.

Fair enough. I’ve seen threads simply discussing his edit on get locked so I just figured a similar response would occur on here as a means of clearly showing no support for such practices.

Back to discussing the edit itself and it’s apparent imminent completion, from what I understand he is just waiting on some finishing touches for the Luke and Kylo costumes after which they will be traveling to location to film the new lightsaber battle scene (which they can now do in one take at full speed) and then it simply needs integrating into the movie and final polishing done on the edit. Ivan then intends to release a 2nd and final trailer and straight after information on the website to where you can obtain the edit for free.

I just hope he can do some magic on those voiceovers because while it is a valiant effort and great idea in theory, the end result as far as the 1st trailer goes just doesn’t quite work.

All up though and shady stuff aside, it’s a very ambitious and radical edit and I think it will be an amazing achievement of fan editing if he can pull it off. Much like Adywan initially received some incredulous criticism and mockery when first stating what he was setting out to do with his Revisited edits only for them to become one of the gleaming examples of what is actually possible from a passionate fan editor, I believe Ivan also has the potential to break new ground and set another level of how fan editing can save what is IMHO an un-saveable movie.