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The Mandalorian - Star Wars Live action TV series
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20-Nov-2018, 6:36 PM

I am actually quite interested in this despite my current feelings towards the Disney era of Star Wars (R1 aside which I generally think is awesome). Already having a Netflix subscription though, I can say now that I won’t paying for a regular subscription to Disney+ (Disney’s new streaming service) just to watch this series. In saying that, if they allow you to cancel the subscription at any time without additional fees, then providing The Mandalorian gets good reviews and feedback then I might be persuaded to pay for a month and just binge all the episodes once they have all been released.

emanswfan said:

Well if Greig Fraser is going to be the cinematographer, I wouldn’t doubt this series will look as good as a Star Wars movie. The last thing I want is a low-budget look.

And I like the idea of this being set around a lone character, I really like the idea of smaller scope stories in the Star Wars universe and not having everything overlap so much.

Same, this definitely appeals to me in getting to see interesting stories set in the same universe that don’t have to revolve around the central Rebellion vs Empire conflict or even Jedi for that matter. Being set after the fall of the Empire also opens up a lot of possibilities.

Tobar said:

Mangold was supposedly set to direct a theatrical spin-off film about Boba Fett akin to Solo, though that was never officially confirmed by Lucasfilm. If that was the case, it now looks like that’s been put on the backburner as they’ve decided to slowdown after the performance of Solo at the box office.

SilverWook said:

DominicCobb said:

Is that costume real or CGI?

If they’ve started shooting already, it’s amazing they kept a lid on it this long.

I’d put money on a guess that this series was originally pre-production work for a Boba Fett movie and simply has been repurposed as a new streaming series instead when Bob Iger announced they were “slowing down” and Disney put an indefinite hold on all other “A Star Wars Story” movies. This stops the effort and cost involved going to waste and makes for a great incentive to entice viewers across to their new streaming service.

Anyway, will be an interesting production to keep an eye on that has a lot of promising potential at this point.