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The Force Awakens - The Starlight Project
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20-Nov-2018, 1:45 PM

I actually think that the brief scene of Rey and the doctor would work in such an ending, despite its weirdness.

In thinking about the end of the movie and Rey’s character, I keep coming back to the idea that she uses the Dark Side as much as the light, if not more. After all, using the Dark Side is the quickest way to gain power, and Rey gains it more quickly than anyone we’ve ever seen in the Star Wars universe. Maybe using some more Yoda dialogue in the vision scene, where he talks about how the Dark Side is easier and more seductive. If it were possible to make clear that Rey is using the Dark Side, it turns her greatest strength into a liability. Now instead of her being simply a stronger version of Luke, she is precariously balanced on the edge of a metaphysical cliff.
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Imagine then if Kylo were more sympathetic…say that he wants to lead the First Order, but hates the Dark Side. He knows that the only way to rise to power is to play Snoke’s games, but to do so means sacrificing his own father. I would say that most of this message is already in the film, it’s just muddled by the idea that Kylo genuinely supports Snoke and the evil of the Dark Side instead of playing the long game in a quest to finish what Vader started and become the leader of a unified galaxy.