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Project 4K80
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20-Nov-2018, 1:05 AM

Handman said:

Dreamaster said:

Handman said:

You mention the 16mm has great color. Do you suppose you will utilize one of Dre’s color matching algorithms to match the 35mm print to the 16mm color?

Also, you’ve got a donation from me 😃

That could certainly be done, yes… but do you really prefer the 16mm colors as a reference?

I was under the impression that our 35mm sources were in much worse condition than they are. I really like the 16mm colors, but the 35mm looks good enough. I just grew wistful remembering an instance where color matching tools were used to reobtain original color from high quality black and white footage and a very low quality NTSC videotape.

It’s not “color matching” that’s being done here but rather frame blending. You take the b/w luma channel of the film footage and take the chroma channel of the video footage and overlap the two to recreate the color footage.